About our agency


Susan Rose was a much loved, talented, and beautiful woman who suffered from a mood disorder that began in childhood.  She later developed a substance use disorder and in 1997 at the age of 28, tragically died. 

In 1998, Susan's Legacy was established as a non-profit organization in memory of Susan Rose.  Founded to provide services which were not available to Susan, we provide the necessary counseling, support, and case management so that women diagnosed with co-occurring disorders do not lose their battles as Susan so tragically did.  Since 1998, a proud and committed board and staff have been working to end the gap in available services.  With emphasis on helping women embark on a path from surviving to thriving, our sole purpose and mission is to "serve the needs of women with co-occurring mental and addictive disorders." We do this by targeting 100% of our services towards women like Susan.   

Women dually diagnosed with both mental health and substance use disorders endure a constant battle to maintain their lives, sobriety, and basic needs.  They often have trouble finishing their education and finding employment, and many are often involved in the criminal justice system.  Some women have numerous felonies which create additional barriers to successes and self-sufficiency.  Having lost custodial rights to their children, many women must work hard to establish or reestablish a relationship with their children.  These women face the same struggles as our program's namesake, Susan Rose.  

Susan's Legacy provides a system of care that is gender-specific, trauma-informed and includes an integrated service approach. All services are provided at not cost to the client.